Driveshaft and C.V. Suppliers is a specialist in the industry supplying a specialised service and product to the industry relating to the driveshaft / propshaft of all general motor and commercial vehicles, commercial trucks, mining trucks and earthmoving equipment.

We are dedicated to responding to individual requirements, offering total quality satisfaction in the shortest possible time whilst operating a competitive pricing policy without compromising quality.


We have a fully equipped modern propshafts workshop with dedicated propshafts machinery, a large stock facility and a totally committed highly skilled team which enables us to provide a quick and accurate response to the exacting demands of today's customer without third party delays, which ensures total performance satisfaction.

We have 10 years experience and vast technical knowledge in propshaft driveline technology which enables us to advise and provide individual solutions to any problem.

We carry workmanship insurance and offer 12 month warranty on new shafts.


Our staff are well trained and undergo regular testing on technical issues. Team involvement is applied to problem solving, quality enhancement, motivation and innovation. This generates on-going quality improvement and forms an integral part to our daily output. Our company takes pride in the abilities that each member adds to the team's success and has a proven professional track record.


Our various sections in the workshop, along with the staff are equipped to specifically attend to:

The replacement of all types and sizes of universal joints, center bearings and flanges;

Precision dynamic balancing;

The lengthening and shortening of propshafts;

Various sizes of retubing along with high standard factory welds;

Modification and re-designing of all non standard types of propshafts;

Designing and manufacturing of complete shafts